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In our usual impression, apart from Hangzhou food, it seems hard to remember what is delicious in Zhejiang.


In fact, Zhejiang, with its rivers and lakes, is a veritable gourmet province, and Hangzhou, which has a tradition of official cuisine, does not represent all the cuisines of Zhejiang.


The clear-water fish in Kaihua County that Chen Xiaoqing can't forget, the bowl of beef noodles that Lanxi City conquered Deng Chao, can be called Shengzhou snacks in Sha County, Zhejiang...


Zhejiang retains the most authentic local flavors in the county seat.


Long-term prosperity and diverse cultures have created Zhejiang's diverse county cuisine.


Hangjiahu Lake in the north is traditional Jiangnan, Taizhou in Ningbo is a fisherman culture, Jinliqu is a mountainous area influenced by ancient Huizhou, and Wenzhou, which is more to the south, is more influenced by the Min people.


Therefore, the ingredients and tastes of the counties in the north, south, east, and west are different.


This time, Chengjun wants to talk to you about the little tastes of Zhejiang that are hidden in the county seat and are unknown or missed for various reasons.


Being in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, and also a water town in the south of the Yangtze River, Taizhou is too aggrieved.


Not only is it far less famous than Suzhou and Hangzhou, it is not even as big as "Yangzhou" under the fireworks in March, and its name is often missed.


However, the people of Taizhou always smile, you are afraid that you don't know anything about the power of Taizhou cuisine.


In Taizhou, from seafood to snacks, from the sea view to the mountain view, no matter how sleepy life is, new enthusiasm can be injected into Taizhou cuisine.


Backing by mountains and eating mountains, and relying on the sea to eat the sea, Taizhou's products are so rich that people can't help but sigh: "It's really a good meal to eat."


"A fish, the top dish." In the hearts of Taizhou people, large yellow croaker has high prestige. Whether it is "first bowl dishes", "press table dishes", or even a whole table of dishes, it is not as important as a large yellow croaker.


Of course, the premise is that wild large yellow croaker is rare and treats rare customers.


If the enthusiasm of the host is in the wine that is persuaded, then the weight of the guest is on the fish.


The best big yellow croaker, it must be the big old yellow croaker.


Everyone who has eaten the "freshness" of Dachen Yipin yellow croaker applauds.


Red and tender color, rich sauce, the chopsticks gently press the fish skin, and the fish flesh emerges from the cracks on the surface, exuding a delicious smell.


A piece of fish meat is dipped in a little soup, mixed with rice and served in the mouth. The fish tastes so full that people can't stop.


You can smell ginger everywhere in the streets and alleys of Taizhou.


How much do people in Taizhou like to eat ginger? Some people say that half of what runs in their blood may be ginger juice.


In Shunde, Guangdong, there is ginger juice to make milk, and in Taizhou, Zhejiang, there is ginger juice to make eggs. To be more precise, it is ginger and walnuts, and the locals treat it as a morning snack or late night snack.


This egg dish is full of ginger sauce, with a huge amount of walnuts, longan meat, and a thick layer of brown sugar on top.


The eggs are soft and tender, the walnuts are crispy and tough, the brown sugar is sweet, and the ginger juice is spicy. The fusion is sweet and spicy.


Even the staple food, Taizhou people also put ginger, almost every street will have a ginger noodle soup.


The ginger noodle soup is more spicy than the spicy taste in the dessert.


Thin noodles, with the mellow ginger soup, the freshness of clams, the fat aroma of pork, the sweetness of green vegetables, the aging aroma of mushrooms, the salty aroma of wild rice...


All kinds of flavors are mixed together, and after a bite, you can't stop.


Compared with seafood and staple food, Taizhou Snacks Rivers and Lakes have "deeper water."


In the eyes of many people in Taizhou, inlay cakes can be regarded as "a brother in the breakfast industry." Countless Wenling wanderers are out, and what they never forget is the tube of inlaid cake. Eating the delicacies of mountains and seas is not as refreshing as that cone of Taizhou inlay cakes.


The outer skin of the inlaid cake is a firm white rice cake, which is harder to chew than ordinary rice cakes, it is easier to bite, firm and not sticky.


Inside, you can wrap whatever you want, braised pork, dried tofu, shredded potatoes, shredded radish, mung bean sprouts, onions, omelets, fried fritters soaked in broth, etc.


And the soul must be the last spoonful of broth poured on!


Cooked rounds also has an unshakable position in the Taizhou snack market.


The white and plump cooked rounds are like unsealed buns, with a fragrant meat, wrapped in lean meat, dried tofu, shrimp skin, fresh bamboo shoots and other ingredients. No wonder everyone says, "Taizhou people are fierce and impatient, and there is no time to make a glutinous rice ball."


It is also made of glutinous rice, wrapped in meat or different seasonal ingredients, and cooked rounds are softer and glutinous.


The glutinous rice peel is not sticky to the teeth. The filling is rich, and a spoonful of special soy sauce is topped, which can definitely comfort your early tiredness.


There is a very interesting special snack in Taizhou, which looks very black and cute, called Wufan Mochi.


A piece of black rice mochi bears the childhood taste of many Taizhou people.


Every year on the eighth day of the fourth month of the lunar calendar, Taizhou has the custom of eating black rice and mochi. As this season approaches, the children will carry baskets and happily follow the adults in the family up the mountain to pick black rice leaves.


The picked black rice leaves are pounded into a juice with a stone mortar, then the glutinous rice is soaked in the black rice juice for a day and cooked, and then pounded into a black rice mochi with a pounding mortar.


The black rice mochi wrapped in a blue-black coat is soft and waxy with the fragrance of black rice leaves.


Sprinkle some sweet-scented osmanthus and sesame seeds, and coat with pine pollen. When eating, cut into small pieces and drizzle with brown sugar juice. It is super happy with one bite.


Egg white sheep tail is a very famous snack in Taizhou. Many people will misunderstand it as the tail of sheep, but in fact, the name of egg white sheep tail is just similar to the shape of sheep tail. The lamb tail with egg white must be cooked, fried, and eaten to taste.


Nowadays, in the streets and alleys of Linhai, Taizhou, there are many stalls selling egg whites and goat tails. Next to them is a spare pot of egg whites. Use a special iron spoon to scoop a spoonful, mix with red bean paste, sugar, cornstarch, etc., and deep-fry until golden. .

如今,在台州临海的街道和小巷中,有许多摊贩出售蛋白和山羊尾巴。在他们旁边的是一罐备用的蛋清。用特殊的铁匙to一匙,与红豆沙,糖,玉米淀粉等混合,然后炸至金黄色。 。

The golden dumplings that were fried round and yellow in the oil pan immediately collapsed by three minutes after they landed, and can be eaten with sugar sprinkled on them.


While it is warm, gently bite the soft outer skin, the sweetness of the bean paste with the fragrance of osmanthus fills the mouth instantly. When the heat gradually dissipates, you can eat one bite at a time.


Unexpectedly, a gnocchi can also walk the rivers and lakes alone. This Taizhou Linhai version of gnocchi has a nice name called "Mai Xia".


According to legend, in the old society, wheat prawns were eaten by the poor. They mixed the flour and water into a paste. They couldn't afford a kitchen knife, so they used chopsticks to cut the paste into strips and put them in the pan, pour some carrots and melon vines, and mix them. Curved prawns, hence the name wheat shrimp.


Just like the simplicity and surprises of Linhai, the simple ingredients of the wheat shrimp can easily capture our taste buds, dancing on the mouth with a bit of chewiness, it is very fresh, even the soup can drink to the bottom.


Soaked shrimp is also a common snack on the streets of Taizhou.


In the past, there was no shrimp in the soaked shrimp, but now I have an upgraded version.


Stir wheat flour and water into a paste, wrap the minced meat, fresh shrimp, etc., and fry it in hot oil until it is golden brown and fragrant and ready to be served.


The freshly baked prawns are very crunchy and fragrant. After one bite, the aroma of pork and the Q-flavor of seafood are tender and smooth. It is extremely refreshing. After eating the first one, I want to eat the second one.


The fewer ingredients, the simpler, and the more unique and delicious it can stand the test of lips and teeth. Soy bean noodles know this well.


In Qing Lingling's soup, bean noodles, half a chopsticks length, are squeezed together but seldom entangled, making people think of salvaging and chewing slowly.


A handful of mustard pickles and a handful of chopped green onions, refreshing and refreshing, with a thick soup base, smooth and delicate bean noodles, people can't bear to end the graceful taste between lips and teeth.


Slowly, all the bean noodles were salvaged, and then after drinking the soup in that bowl, the deliciousness went straight to the heart, which made people unsatisfied.


From childhood to old age, Wenzhou people are born with picky taste.


Although Zhoushan and Ningbo are always stealing a lot of the limelight next door, Wenzhou is actually a seafood-rich resort: adjacent to the East China Sea, sitting on a long and narrow golden coastline, it has contracted the second largest fishery in Zhejiang and the largest aquatic product wholesale market in the country... …


"I didn't smell the smell for three days, and I wish I could go fishing in person."


A meal of seafood is a common meal here. Every Wenzhou person is an undoubted expert in eating seafood.


No owl fish can swim out of Wenzhou alive. It's true. It is said that Wenzhou people can eat 63,000 catties of seafood every day in a year, and the roe fish is the top spot.


The people of Wenzhou have transformed their love of roe fish into a variety of roe fish dishes, and fish balls are one of them.


In Wenzhou, almost everyone enjoys a bowl of fish ball soup, and every household makes fish balls. Although it is called "pill", Wenzhou fish ball is irregularly long.


The fish balls are cooked in a clear broth, sprinkled with pepper, vinegar and a little chopped green onion. The freshly baked fish balls look weak but lively.


The fish meat is fresh and tender, full of cheeks, and another sip of the fish soup, the sourness of the rice vinegar is appetizing.


If you eat koyu, you must not miss it.


Under repeated hammering with the wooden mallet, the loosely dried owl fish meat and cornstarch are combined into one. The thin fish fillet not only locks the juice nutrition of the fish meat, but also adds the smooth texture of the fish meat.


The smooth and translucent fish fillets are paired with fine shredded chicken breast, ham and shiitake mushrooms, and topped with a mellow broth, which is full of aftertaste.


In addition to making soup, Wenzhou people also use Knock fish to make wonton wrappers. The thin skin of the fish is tough and strong, with a bit of crispness in the smoothness.


Knock the fish to wrap the small pieces of meat, complementing the tenderness of the pork, and no one will steal the limelight. With a light soup base, it is enough to present the fresh fragrance and sweetness of the fish wonton.


In the traditional small shops that can be seen everywhere in Wenzhou, fish cake is a must-order top card and also represents the reputation of a shop. Its authentic flavor has conquered many people.


Pieces of smooth and white fish cakes do not need to be pierced or deboned. They can be simply dipped in a small dish of soy sauce and vinegar. Even the elderly and children can enjoy it with peace of mind.


After a bite, it is fresh and not fishy. The taste is tender and chewy, full of the taste of the sea.


Speaking of Wenzhou cuisine, perhaps the most inconspicuous bowl of glutinous rice is what Wenzhou people can't give up.


The crystal-clear steamed glutinous rice is sprinkled with crispy golden fried fritters and pork floss, a spoonful of minced mushroom juice, and a little chopped green onion. This is the most authentic Wenzhou glutinous rice.


The glutinous rice is fragrant and sticky when chewed, accompanied by the crunchy sound of fritters and soft mushrooms. At this time, if you pair it with a bowl of soy milk or seaweed soup, it is perfect.


Shuangchui cake is a traditional snack in Ruian, Wenzhou, and its reputation can be said to be well-known throughout Wenzhou and even Zhejiang.


Don't underestimate this little piece of cake, it needs more than a dozen processes and double cooking to make it.


Pinch a piece of beige double-cooking cake, a refreshing osmanthus scent came out.


The delicate softness of rice and the sweet taste of white sugar melted in the mouth, sweet and soft, after eating, there is still a lingering fragrance in the mouth.


Before, Chengjun recommended the snacks in Shengzhou, Shaoxing to everyone, and Lanxi in Jinhua, Zhejiang, is also good at snacks.


Lanxi is a small city that loves city fireworks. Obviously they are the most common ingredients, and they can be transformed into unexpected delicacies in the hands of Lanxi people.


Among other things, the hand-made delicacies hidden in the streets and alleys of Lanxi alone are enough to talk about for days and nights.


Jizili is the most famous snack in Lanxi, and some people call it omelet. Although the sparrow is small and has five internal organs, this little chicken Lili has a lot of knowledge.


In a pancake filled with lard, lean meat, tofu and green onions, pour a beaten egg.


After being cooked, all kinds of fillings form a whole, the golden-yellow outer skin is light and translucent, exuding a unique mellow aroma, and is wrapped with fresh and smooth fillings.


After taking a bite, the rich aroma of eggs, meat, and green onions bursts into the mouth instantly, and the sense of happiness is self-evident.


Jinhua pastry count Lanxi, Lanxi pastry see you port.

jin话pastry count LAN汐, LAN汐pastry see有port.

There are many shops in the market under the banner of Six Fingers Shortbread, but the only one in Youbu Ancient Town is authentic. Master Liu Liqing, who makes shortbread, was born with six fingers.


The most wonderful part of the shortbread is the combination of dried lard and dried plums. Take a bite while it is hot. The crispy layer of the cake and the filling of the oil are the kind of taste that can not be forgotten after eating.


Although the water rice cake in Zhiyan Ancient Village is not as famous as Longyou Fat Cake, if you want to go to Lanxi, the most important thing to miss is this white water rice cake.


Every Chinese New Year holiday, every household in Zhiyan Village will make water rice cakes. The method of water rice cake is not complicated. Soak the rice for two or three days and then process it slightly, then add yeast and sugar and wait for it to ferment and steam.


The snow-white water rice cake is sweet but not greasy, glutinous but not sticky, and has a faint aroma of wine, which is unforgettable.


The good water quality makes Lanxi's soy products extremely famous. Different from ordinary glutinous rice balls, tofu glutinous rice balls are made of tofu.


The old tofu was tightly wrapped in small pieces of pork and rolled in a round bowl full of starch.


Gently slide it into a large iron pan, and stir slightly in the thick and delicious pork rib soup.


The tofu glutinous rice balls are smooth and shiny on the outside, the taste is delicate and smooth, and it melts in the mouth. For the Lanxi wanderers outside, it is the taste of home.


In the past, croquettes were often used as pastries, as snacks for Lanxi people or as gifts when visiting relatives and friends.


The golden biscuits on both sides, with sesame seeds sprinkled on one side, are crispy and delicious, and the sesame fragrance is overflowing. The salty and sweet taste has been remembered by countless people in Lanxi.


It is a pity that the croquette making process is very troublesome and takes about 10 hours, but a piece of shortbread only sells for one dollar. Under the encirclement of many pastries, the corner cake gradually withdrew from the public's field of vision, and this craft is also on the verge of being lost.


Also facing the same dilemma is the handmade scallion candy.


One bite down, it is crispy and sweet, but not greasy and non-sticky, and it is also mixed with white sesame seeds. This sweetness has accompanied the growth of generations of Lanxi people, and is their childhood taste.


People in Zhuji have never been vague about eating. Not only do they love to eat, they are also particular about eating!


Compared with the gentle style of Jiangnan people, Zhuji people have a northerner spirit in their bones. They are straightforward and generous. They eat mutton, drink shochu, and talk noodles. The locals also have a nickname: "Northerners in the South."


People in Zhuji love to eat noodles, especially those noodles that are unique to Zhuji, so many people in Zhuji have a dream~


This unique folk customs gives the local food a more north-south compatibility style.


Ciwu noodles has a history of 600 years in Zhuji. For Zhuji people, this is not only a staple food for filling stomachs, but also a feeling and a heritage.


The secret of "beating noodles" is all in the word "beating": using traditional green bamboo poles to make noodles, each dough needs more than half an hour, more than 3,000 beats, and then folded to cut out noodles.


The authentic Ciwu noodles must be served with traditional three fresh toppings. The three fresh toppings here are winter bamboo shoots, river prawns and egg rolls.


A perfect egg skin must be thin and uniform, complete in shape, and not too old or too tender. It will have a burnt taste when it is old, which will affect the taste, and it will easily break when it is tender.


Unlike noodles in other places, there are very few authentic Ciwu noodle soups. It emphasizes "concentration is the essence".


The broth attached to the noodles makes the noodles no longer weak, and there is no embarrassment that the noodles are too thick to taste. Rich and delicious, that's it.


Ma Jiansuo noodles, also called longevity noodles.


In Zhuji’s old custom, birthday gifts and birthday gifts must have a bundle of thin and long rope noodles coiled into a figure of eight.


The final finished noodles are more than 2 meters long. When the old man cooks his life, he burns a bowl and serves it. Picking one of them is continuous. The longevity and longevity have the best meaning.


Add salt to the good noodles, and do not use machines. It only relies on manual techniques to knead the noodles over and over again, and then slowly pull it into thin noodles. The making of noodles is the most primitive handmade, which is time-consuming and laborious.


Caota Danmian is a bowl of noodles that has become popular in recent years, and it is regarded as the "net celebrity" of Zhuji Mianjie.


Bounce noodles is a bomb, so the raw materials must be selected well, and the kneading technique must pass the test. Sota spring noodles, the taste is extremely chewy, the soup is delicious, how can such noodles not be hot!


Zhang Ailing once wrote in her "A Story of a Foreign Land": "There are clumps of light yellow rice-flour noodles hanging on the ground at the door."


The description is Huangshan Fujikan.

the description is Huang山Fuji看.

This is a special delicacy in Huangshan Town, steamed by hand with rice milk, similar to sweet potato vermicelli.


If the freshly steamed noodles are directly added with pickled vegetables tofu and other prepared fillings, it will become another delicious dish-Fujikan rolls. The dough is very tender and the fillings are delicious. Anyone who has eaten it will praise this Fujikanzaki.


The delicacies of Taizhou, Wenzhou, Jinhua Lanxi and Shaoxing Zhuji are far more than those mentioned above.


The treasure and food town of Zhejiang is far more than these four places.


There are also Ningbo Ninghai, Quzhou’s Kaihua, Longyou and Changshan... Chengjun will not list them here, because there are really too many low-key food sacred places in Zhejiang!


From south to north, Zhejiang cuisine has no uniform characteristics. Each county and city has its own unique skills, which are difficult to replicate.


If you come to Zhejiang, you can only taste the most authentic Zhejiang taste if you go to various counties.


Now you don’t have to travel far, Chengjun has specially found delicious Zhejiang food for you, click on the picture below / read the original text at the bottom of the article to buy it!


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