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On April 12, 2012, Liverpool officially announced the termination of the contract with team general manager Comoli.


Four years later, Comoli said in an interview with talkSPORT: "Henderson was one of the main reasons why I was fired. The day I was fired, the club told me that I had made a mistake with Henderson. It was a waste to buy him. money."


When Comoli complained of this grievance, Henderson had been the commander of the Red Army for more than a year. However, his remarks did not start any waves, because at that time the dispute between Zhihu and Quora on "Why Henderson was Captain of Liverpool" was bigger than "Why Captain America can lead the Avengers". If you want to become Henmi, you have to buy a keyboard that can fight the world.


Even today, we cannot accurately sing a hymn of Henderson-he is not the best long passer, the defensive position is average, and the cross pass is still his favorite way of passing the ball. The average running distance is lower than that of the first few years, even if all the flashes of his career are added together... the light source released may not be as bright as Guashuai's forehead.


So, this is a story of a rookie leading a fighting chicken. Do you want to listen?


Henderson was also a popular fried chicken before becoming a vegetable chicken. Born in a police family, he joined the Sunderland youth academy at the age of 7 and experienced all levels of youth teams in the Sunderland club. At the age of 18, he played for the first team of Sunderland for the first time, and then he won two consecutive seasons. The best player in the team. In the 2010-2011 season, Henderson took over the No. 10 jersey of the Black Cats and was selected for the England national team for the first time at the age of 20 years, 4 months and 27 days.

亨德森在成为菜鸡之前也是一种流行的炸鸡。他出生于警察家庭,他在7岁时加入了桑德兰青年学院,并在桑德兰俱乐部体验了各个级别的青年队。 18岁那年,他第一次为桑德兰的第一支球队效力,然后连续两个赛季获胜。团队中最好的球员。在2010-2011赛季,亨德森接手了黑猫队的10号球衣,并在20岁零四个月零27天的年龄首次入选英格兰国家队。

Having said that, you may have been able to appreciate Henderson's excellence. Because when the other big players in England first achieved national team achievements-Beckham was 21 years old, Kane was 22 years old, and Madison was 23 years old. Even Gerrard, who became famous when he was young, was only 7 months younger than Henderson when he first put on the Three Lions shirt.

话虽如此,您可能已经能够欣赏到亨德森的卓越成就。因为当英格兰的其他大牌球员首次取得国家队的成绩时,贝克汉姆只有21岁,凯恩只有22岁,麦迪逊只有23岁。甚至在年轻时就出名的杰拉德(Gerrard)第一次穿上三狮队(Hyper Lions)衬衫时,也比亨德森(Henderson)小7个月。

After having the international halo, the giants of all walks of life cast their eyes and money on Henderson. Then, "As a Manchester United fan, Henderson chose to join Liverpool." The amount of information in this sentence is a bit big.


Yes, Henderson has always been a loyal Manchester United fan when he was a child. The photo of him with Giggs when he was three is still at his parents’ house, and he himself recalled: "When I first faced Giggs, At that time, I didn't even have the courage to talk to him." In fact, at the time, Manchester United also liked Henderson. The reason why he did not go to the Dream Theater in the end was because Sir Alex Ferguson felt that Henderson's running posture would bring potential injuries, and the second was because Liverpool bid 7 million pounds more than Manchester United.


In this way, money distorted a child's dream and brought him to Anfield. Then, King Dalglish twisted his position again, and he was used to the midfielder to spend his time on the right forward. In the summer window of the 2011-12 season, Henderson’s transfer fee was about the same as Ashley Young, who had scored 10 assists and 10 goals for 4 consecutive seasons, and Henderson’s performance...Anyway, Cuomo Lee lost his job ten months after completing the transaction.

这样,金钱扭曲了一个孩子的梦想,并将他带到安菲尔德。然后,达格利什国王再次改变了立场,他习惯了中场在右前卫上度过时光。在2011-12赛季的夏天,亨德森的转会费与阿什利·杨(Ashley Young)差不多,后者连续4个赛季拿下10次助攻和10个进球,亨德森的表现也是如此……无论如何,库莫·李(Cuomo Lee)失业了十个月完成交易后。

To make matters worse, Rogers quickly replaced Dalglish. In the 2011-12 season, Rogers’s 58% possession rate of Swansea ranked third in the Premier League, with a pass success rate of 83.5% tied for the highest rate with Manchester City. Therefore, Uncle Fang wants to create a Liverpool with a high ball possession rate, pass success rate, and counterattack speed. The characteristics of Henderson...

更糟糕的是,罗杰斯迅速取代了达格利什。在2011-12赛季,罗杰斯(Rogers)的斯旺西(Swansea)58%的拥有率在英超联赛中排名第三,传球成功率(83.5%)与曼城(Manchester City)最高。因此,方叔叔希望创造一个拥有高控球率,传球成功率和反击速度的利物浦。亨德森的特点...

"Are you skilled?"


"Can you pass the ball?"


"Are you running fast?"


"Then, do you want to be a voucher?"


In May 2012, Rogers officially coached Liverpool. Three months later-a few hours before the 2012 Europa League vs. Hartz, Henderson was called to the office by Rogers: "Listen, someone offers to buy you, you consider leaving the team." It was Fulham, and Rogers happened to have a crush on Dempsey, the farmer's house, and wanted to trade Henderson.


"I went back to my room and shed a few tears because it hurt me a lot. During the game that night, I kept thinking about it. I told my agent about it. , I said I don’t want to go, I want to stay and work hard for my future, and prove that the coach is wrong."


The so-called "gentlemen fight face, ten years are not too late", two years later, on September 17, Rogers announced that Henderson had replaced Daniel Agger who had left the team and became the new deputy captain of the Liverpool team.


What happened in the past two years?


According to Henderson’s own description: “I lower my head and work hard. I know I won’t get too much playing time, but I’m still full of conviction. I have been training hard, accumulating my experience, and practicing.”


According to the description of the fans: he is not a card dealer, not a thruster, not a pure defensive midfielder, not a hexagonal fighter, but he is a phenomenal iron lung.


Henderson started to get a lot of opportunities from the second half of the 2012-13 season and secured his main position in the 2013-14 season. That season's Liverpool, the 3S combination came forward, Coutinho fed the cake behind him, Gerrard's defensive midfielder protection + transfer ball + long-range firing, four non-defensive players and a part-time defensive player filled the entire midfield Because of the firepower and turbulence, the team needs Henderson to cover the remaining space-he uses an average of 12 kilometers per game, running up and down to do dirty work.


Although this was the most tiring season for Henderson to run, it was also the season in which Henderson had the most team bonuses. Because Liverpool's frontcourt offense doesn't have to worry about him at all. There are Gerrard for long pass, Coutinho for through pass, Sterling for extreme sprint, Suarez and Sturridge for goals. In this case, he is only responsible for safely handing over the ball to his teammates. As for the data of 5 goals and 6 assists... Liverpool fans feel that this is simply buying a house and giving away furniture.


To this day, Liverpool fans still have two knots about the runner-up in the 2013-14 season. One is Gerrard's slip and the other is Henderson's red card. Henderson's position in the hearts of fans can be seen.


But what is the price of this position?


——In two years, he grew 4 centimeters taller, gained 5 kg weight, and ate poorly in Melwood’s cafeteria to increase physical resistance.


——His flexibility dropped sharply, the feeling of touching the ball became stiff, and his ability to dribble also weakened as his position moved back.


——He became accustomed to passing the ball safely, after all, the old captain's return pass was enough.


As a result, he became a complete system player. So, what should he do when he loses this system?


Suarez was gone in 2014, Sterling was gone in 2015, Gerrard was getting closer and closer, Sturridge’s standby time was getting shorter and shorter, when the captain’s armband fell in Henderson. On the arm, the fans realized that he seemed unable to bear so much.


The 7 goals and 14 assists in the 2014-15 season won him a five-year contract extension and became his last team bonus.


Then, Rogers’s most brilliant system collapsed, and Henderson became synonymous with low prices, high prices and low energy in the past, leaving behind a paragraph of “Liverpool scored 13 goals and lost 15 goals in 10 rounds with 11 points and 12, 14 invisible”. , And, a strange disease called "plantar fasciitis".

然后,罗杰斯最辉煌的体系崩溃了,亨德森过去成为低价格,高价格和低能耗的代名词,留下一段话说“利物浦在10轮比赛中射入13球,输掉15球,得到11分和12、14, ”。 ,并且,一种称为“足底筋膜炎”的奇怪疾病。

Let us revisit the reason why Henderson, a Manchester United fan, failed to join Manchester United.


Ferguson mentioned in his autobiography, "Henderson's running posture is the strangest I have ever seen. We have observed him for a long time. This guy always runs with a very straight back, and then uses his knees to force his steps. You Knowing that modern players run forward through their hips. This is an instinct. So we think this may cause some problems for his future career. In this way, he went to Liverpool instead of coming. Manchester United."


It turns out that Sir Alex Ferguson is really farsighted. The four major causes of plantar fasciitis-the long-term effects of overload pressure, the damage to the calcaneus caused by overtraining, the abnormal pulling force of the plantar fascia, the improper focus on the posture when walking...Henderson basically accounts for all Full.


If there is a fifth reason, it may be that Liverpool's captain's armband is too heavy. Henderson was injured in the second league game after he took over as Red Captain, and he took a break for four months. He did prove himself to Rogers, but when he returned to the team from injury, the coach's position had been changed to Klopp.


How struggling did Henderson play in the early days of Klopp's arrival?


Compared with Emre-Jan, his propulsion and hardness are not enough; compared with Milner, their positions and characteristics are somewhat overlapped; compared with Wijnaldum, his small skills are not good enough; he and Lallana will have some effect bonuses when starting at the same time, but the battery life of his friends is sometimes not as good as Sturridge... What's more frightening is that the frequent injuries make him unable to cover more than half of them by himself. It's up-well, what is left of him without this?


This time, there is no team bonus. On the contrary, as the team slowly matured, as the people around him grew into superstars one by one, the red captain became more and more shabby by his teammates...


"He is probably the weakest link in this Liverpool team."


"Or, while it's still worth a few dollars..."


Klopp said: "I don't sell."


Under Klopp, Henderson's position began to undergo some subtle changes.


—— In the 2016-17 season, Klopp began to let Henderson stand between the two central defenders, using the La-Voper style of the ball. One is to let him make up for the passing skills of the center-back, and the other is to let him play the ball without pressure.


—— In the 2017-18 season, Wijnaldum's lubrication and Firmino's retracement made Henderson sit at the 6th position with peace of mind, and began to be more responsible for long passes and split sides. Because, Arnold and Robertson have entered the commissioning stage.


—— In the 2018-19 season, when Van Dijk was behind him and Fabinho was by his side, he approached Klopp and said, "I want to run forward."

-在2018-19赛季,范迪克(Van Dijk)在他身后,法比尼奥(Fabinho)在他身旁,他走近克洛普(Klopp)说:“我要向前奔跑。”

Please, "Midfielder" is Liverpool's sweet pastry. Milner and Chamberlain were fooled by this bad check. What can you do with a three-no midfielder and invalid Tianzun?


Then Klopp frowned and placed him in this position.


After a few games, the old scum said: "It was my fault to let Henderson play as a midfielder."


Henderson finally stood in a system that suits him again. Fabinho squatted by his side, Van Dijk was in the back, Alisson was behind the goalkeeper, Mane and Salahsa were running in front of him, and Arnold and Robertson on both wings were waiting for his long pass. He became On the offensive line, the X factor that is the least noticed by opponents, on defense, even only needing to wipe Arnold's ass is a great achievement...

亨德森终于站在一个适合他的体系中。 Fabinho蹲在身旁,Van Dijk在后面,Alisson在守门员后面,Mane和Salahsa在他身前奔跑,而两翼的Arnold和Robertson在等待他的长传。他成为了进攻线,在防守上,是对手最不容易注意到的X因子,即使只需要擦拭Arnold的屁股也是一个了不起的成就。

Lineker said Henderson may be the most underrated player in Premier League history.


Klopp said that if someone still doesn't see Henderson's ability, then I really have nothing to say.


Suddenly, the wind of Prosperity swept the land of England with a force you never expected a few years ago. Then, he ushered in the most memorable game in his life-the regret of missing the Anfield miracle last time still lingers in his mind. , So he took the injury, got a painkiller, and stood on the field where the mountains whispered and the tsunami...


This is probably a picture only found in anime.


"Old man, when was your most glorious moment? All Japan era?"


"And I am now."


Ninety minutes later, the man who had stunned Diego Costa was lying on the sideline crying. Three weeks later, he led the team, took the stage, received the trophy, rotated in small steps, raised his hands high, and stood upright in a unique posture.


The famous bad boy Joey Button said: "Henderson performed well when he was himself. It was much better than when he tried to become a clone of Gerrard."

著名的坏男孩乔伊·巴顿(Joey Button)说:“亨德森本人表现出色,比他试图成为杰拉德的克隆人要好得多。”

Yes, when he realized that he would never become Gerrard, the world saw the real Henderson.


So, can we describe this Henderson like that?


——He does not have the talent for organization and scheduling, does not have De Bruyne's perspective, there is still a gap between the stealing position and the full-time position, the defensive skills can not be compared with Kanter on the same plate, and occasionally he can come straight Saidan don't expect too much, the thief likes to pass the safety ball, the shooting footwork is simply indescribable.


——Until today, you can still say that he just got the benefits of the whole market. Although he has won the 2019 England Male Football Player of the Year, his hometown of Sunderland is ready to award him the Medal of Freedom.


So, this is really a story of a rookie leading a fighting chicken.


It is also the story of the top green leaves in world football.


It is also a story worthy of the name of the commander of the Red Army.


This story continues...


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