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  France, Paris-On September 28th local time, the 2020 French Open will continue the first round of competition. No. 6 seed Serena Williams continued to attack for the 24 Grand Slam crowns. She overcame the fluctuations in the first half and finally defeated Christie Ann 7-6 (2) 6-0. The challenge was a good start.

法国巴黎-当地时间9月28日,2020年法国公开赛将继续第一轮比赛。六号种子小威(Serena Williams)继续进攻,夺得24个大满贯冠军。她克服了上半场的起伏,最终以7-6(2)6-0击败了克里斯蒂·安。挑战是一个好的开始。

   "The biggest difference (two sets) is confidence," Serena Williams said after the game. "I need to play more confidently, to be more like Serena."

“最大的区别(两盘)是信心,”赛琳娜·威廉姆斯在赛后表示。 “我需要更加自信地打球,才能更像塞雷纳。”

   "That's it, I started to play with confidence. I like clay, and I started to be able to open the angle and actively run and slide."


   The former world's first set fell behind his compatriots and broke serve twice, but won the initiative in the tie-break, and finally closed the opponent in the second set, which took 1 hour and 41 minutes to seal the victory.


   "I feel that her form in the second set has declined and I also took advantage of this. I think she showed a high level in the first set. I have to play better."


   Three weeks ago, the two sides had a match in the first round of the US Open. At that time, the 23rd Grand Slam winner also passed two fierce battles.


   Christie Ann had the two French Open champions Kuznetsova and Ostapenko at the US Open last year, breaking into the second week of the Grand Slam. In the last time against Serena Williams, she broke serve early in both sets, and today she reunited on the clay court to seize the opportunity in the opening.

克里斯蒂·安(Christie Ann)去年在美国公开赛上获得了两个法国公开赛冠军库兹涅佐娃(Kuznetsova)和奥斯塔彭科(Ostapenko),进入大满贯第二周。在最后一次与小威廉姆斯(Serena Williams)的比赛中,她在两盘比赛中都提前打破发球局,今天她在红土球场上团聚,抓住了开幕式的机会。

   "I am used to pursuing perfectionism. If perfection is not achieved, then I will not feel satisfied. This is also what I have been improving."


"In the last two or three months, after the tour restarted under the epidemic, I began to be able to overcome these slowly. I think this has always been a problem that I need to face. I have to understand that sometimes The requirements are too high, but in fact, if you win, you win."


   In a marathon with as many as nine ties, the 28-year-old non-seeded player seized the opportunity of the sixth break point and soon established a 4-2 lead.


   Serena Williams launched a strong counterattack, blasting a backhand winning point in another tug-of-war to redeem the sixth break point, and after completing the break, he chased the score to 4-4.

塞雷娜·威廉姆斯(Serena Williams)发起了强大的反击,在另一场拔河比赛中反手获胜,以赎回第六个破发点,完成破发后,他将比分追至4-4。

   Christie Ann was unaffected, and soon broke another round with a love game, and Serena Williams was not to be outdone, and quickly broke the opponent's serve to win the game.

克里斯蒂·安(Christie Ann)丝毫不受影响,很快就通过亚博网站首页手机登录一场爱情游戏闯入了另一回合,瑟琳娜·威廉姆斯(Serena Williams)也不甘示弱,并迅速打破了对手赢得比赛的发球局。

   In the next two games, both sides secured their serve. The first set then entered the tie-break. The game has been played for an hour. The three-time French Open champion came up to complete the mini break and took a 4-2 lead before changing sides.


"I have to give up this expectation. This does not mean lowering my expectation. It just means that I have to be realistic. I can't win every point, every game, every round," said of his perfectionism. Serena Williams said when inclined.

“他必须放弃这个期望。这并不意味着降低我的期望。这只是意味着我必须现实。我不能赢得每一分,每一局,每一回合,”他的完美主义说。塞雷娜·威廉姆斯(Serena Williams)倾斜时说道。

"It sounds crazy, but you know, this is me, this is what made me. I am me, I am Serena. To some extent, I always pursue a certain degree of perfectionism, but what I need It is to control it within a reasonable range so that I will not put too much pressure on myself mentally."


   At the end of the game, Serena Williams ended a 22-beat round with a fore-shot winning point, and then took the inventory with today's seventh Ace, and later ranked first in the first set victory.

在比赛结束时,塞雷娜·威廉姆斯(Serena Williams)以先发制人的胜利结束了22搏的回合,然后以今天的第七个Ace盘点,随后在第一盘胜利中排名第一。

   The No. 6 seed continued this momentum into the second set, breaking the opponent's three consecutive serving games, and establishing a 5-0 lead with smooth wind.


   Christie Ann launched a stubborn resistance at the end of the game and saved four match points when Serena Williams served a 40-0 lead. However, the 23rd Grand Slam winner did not waste a fifth chance and ended the battle with the 11th Ace from the audience.

当比赛结束时,克里斯蒂·安(Christie Ann)发动了顽强的抵抗,并在塞雷娜·威廉姆斯(Serena Williams)以40-0领先的情况下挽救了四个比赛点。但是,第23大满贯冠军没有浪费第五次机会,而是在观众席上以第11 ace结束了这场战斗。

   Serena Williams has a total of 26 winning points recorded today, and 28 of the 36 unforced errors came from the first set. She cashed five of the 14 break points she got and saved six of the eight break points she faced. Christie Ann’s performance is also worthy of recognition, but she is bound to regret the missed opportunity in the first set. In the end, her winning points and active errors were fixed at 13 and 27 times.

塞雷娜·威廉姆斯(Serena Williams)今天总共记录了26个赢分,而36个非强制性错误中的28个来自第一盘。她兑现了14个转折点中的5个,并在面对的8个转折点中保存了6个。克里斯蒂·安(Christie Ann)的表演也值得赞扬,但她一定会对第一盘错过的机会感到遗憾。最后,她的获胜点和主动失误被固定为13亚博网站首页手机登录和27次。

The second round will be this year’s 1/4 tie-breaker at the US Open. Serena Williams once again meets another mother-level player, Pironkova, who defeated the pre-season 6-3 6-3 earlier. Strong Petkovic. At that time, Serena Williams fought hard in three sets and finally won by 4-6 6-3 6-2.

第二轮比赛是今年美国公开赛的1/4决胜局。塞雷娜·威廉姆斯(Serena Williams)再次遇到了另一个母亲级别的球员,皮龙科娃(Pironkova),后者较早前以6-3 6-3击败了季前赛。坚强的彼得科维奇。当时,塞雷娜·威廉姆斯(Serena Williams)三局奋战,最终以4-6 6-3 6-2获胜。

"She's playing well now, but so am I. I'm ready to play against her, and she's ready to play against me. It will be a fierce battle, she will hit a lot of balls back, but so will I. Me. Will be prepared."




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