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It is difficult to tell whether the two-winged flying tactics made "Roberg" or the legendary combination made Bayern's two-winged flying together. The fact is that such tactical foundations and personnel match really make Bayern possess a European football that cannot The strong side road blocked has since embarked on the road to rise and has always stood at the pinnacle of the world. Another important argument is that in the past few years, all the coaches who have used the system firmly (the Marines succeeded in fighting the fire and won the championship by 9 points last season) have achieved steady success at Bayern; Ancelotti, who tried to deny or reform Kovacs and other coaches can't escape the end of get out of class.


It can be seen that the successful tactical system of flying with two wings has long been integrated into the essence of Bayern, and it complements Bayern's traditional offensive positioning, and also provides basic concepts and requirements for the future development of the team and team composition. Therefore, as "Roberg" gradually ages and leaves, Bayern began to seek side successors as early as a few years ago, such as the early "Koko" combination composed of Costa and Koman, and later from China. Leme signed winger Gnabry.


Coming to last season, even though the then Bayern chairman Hernes stated that “I would rather give up a few championships and let the meritorious players leave the team honorably”, but as “Robéry” retired with the glory of the double crown, the outside world Bayern, who generally believes that the two wings are the core of tactics, urgently need to add new options besides Koman and Gnabry. After all, the current winger reserve is not enough to reach the top level. This is also Odoi, Pepe, Werner, etc. The reasons why the options have been linked to Bayern.


Since then, when Sane's name appeared on the transfer market, Bayern was undoubtedly widely optimistic and was most recognized as Sane's most likely potential next home. In terms of ability, Sane has grown into the best winger in German football today; in terms of position, Sane is the best successor to "Roberg" on the wing; in terms of fame, Sane is even more in need of Bayern. Market value. Therefore, Bayern has been unable to conceal its extreme desire for Sane since last summer. The then Bayern coach Kovac even publicly stated that "I am confident that the club will sign Sane."

从那时起,当萨内(Sane)的名字出现在转会市场上时,拜仁无疑就受到了广泛的乐观,被公认为萨内最有潜力的下一个家。在能力方面,Sane已成长为当今德国足球最出色的边锋。就位置而言,Sane是机翼“ Roberg”的最佳继任者;就名声而言,萨恩更需要拜仁。市场价值。因此,自去年夏天以来,拜仁一直无法掩饰其对Sane的极端渴望。当时的拜仁教练科瓦奇甚至公开表示:“我相信俱乐部将签下桑尼。”

Unfortunately, as Sane suffered a serious injury in the Charity Shield game before the season, the transfer scandals that came and went were cut off. In this regard, Bayern, who was "fighting with a basket of water", completed the loan of Perisic and Coutinho one after another when the pre-season transfer window was about to close, but these two new aids obviously cannot satisfy Bayern on the side. The important expectation of the position-Coutinho is better at mid-range activities, the position actually overlaps with Muller; Perisic has entered the end of his career, his personal ability is not enough to support Bayern's side offensive.

不幸的是,由于Sane在本赛季之前的Charity Shield游戏中遭受了严重伤害,所以来来往往的转会丑闻被切断了。在这方面,正在季前战斗的拜仁,当季前转会窗口即将关闭时,一个接一个地完成了佩里西奇和库蒂尼奥的贷款,但显然这两个新辅助物显然无法满足拜仁在转会上的要求。侧。对库蒂尼奥(Coutinho)位置的重要期望是在中距离比赛中表现更好,该位置实际上与穆勒(Muller)重叠;佩里西奇已经进入了职业生涯的尽头,他的个人能力不足以支持拜仁的进攻。

Coming to this season, Flick took over the pointer midway is regarded as an important turning point for Bayern, and the first thing the coach did after taking office was to completely return the team formation to the most familiar 4231 position, so that the Bayern team quickly Back to the right track. However, with the continuous injuries of the wing players and the obvious decline in the state of Gnabry and others after the rematch, Frick’s wing tactics cannot continue to be based on the personal play of his mentor Heynckes. Had to focus on enriching the team's overall offense.


Among them, in addition to Muller's innovative approaches such as the combination of sides and the center, Perisic's "invisible center", and Gretzka's off-ball grab points, another important adjustment of Frick lies in the strong increase of high position pressure to give full play to the team The powerful combat power of all soldiers. However, although such a tactic has obvious advantages at the league level and effectively compensates for the lack of abilities of wide players, fans who are familiar with Bayern will still feel that when a strong enemy at the Champions League level appears in front of them, Bayern still needs "Roberg". The explosive point of style leads the team on the side. Therefore, Bayern now needs Sane's new power more!


Born in January 1996, Sane came from a family of sports. He received football training at the Wattenscheid Youth Training Camp since he was a child. At the age of 9, he joined the Schalke 04 Youth Training Camp. Afterwards, although Sane briefly switched to the Leverkusen youth training, at the age of 15, he returned to the miner known for his abundance of young talents. With his excellent physical condition and football talent, he became the best player of his age. Especially the super speed and breakthrough ability have become the focus of attention of the outside world.

Sane生于1996年1月,来自一个体育运动家庭。他从小就在Wattenscheid青年训练营接受足球训练。 9岁那年,他加入了沙尔克04青年训练营。此后,尽管Sane短暂地转到了勒沃库森(Leverkusen)的青年培训,但在15岁时,他回到了以丰富的年轻才华而闻名的矿工。凭借出色的身体亚博网站首页手机登录状况和足球天赋,他成为了该年龄段的最佳球员。尤其是超高速和突破能力已经成为外界关注的焦点。

As the younger brother of Neuer, Draxler and other stars, Sane completed his Bundesliga debut on April 20, 2014, and was officially promoted to the front line by then Miners coach Di Matteo in the 2014-15 season. team. In March 2015, when the miners played Real Madrid in the second round of the Champions League 1/8 final, Sane, who came off the bench, used an arcing long shot to help the team equalize the score in the second half, becoming the youngest player to break Real Madrid's goal in the Champions League. Players. Since then, Sane also instigated the completion of Huntelaar's winning goal, and then became famous in the Bernabeu.

作为Neuer,Draxler和其他明星的弟弟,Sane于2014年4月20日完成了德甲联赛的处子秀,并在2014-15赛季由当时的Miners教练Di Matteo正式晋升为前线。球队。 2015年3月,当矿工在冠军联赛1/8决赛的第二轮中与皇家马德里进行比赛时,替补席上的桑恩(Sane)用一记弧线远射帮助球队在下半场将比分扳平,成为最年轻的打破欧冠进球的球员。玩家们。从那时起,萨内(Sane)也促使亨特拉尔(Huntelaar)的获胜目标完成,然后在伯纳乌(Bernabeu)出名。

There is no doubt that Sane, who turned out, is regarded as the strongest new star that emerged after the German team won the 2014 World Cup. Only different from traditional German power players, and the new generation of stars that have emerged in recent years, Sane has been regarded as a "heterogeneous" of German football since his debut-through the combination of super-physical fitness and human football, Sane Nei can always make a bloody road on the wing, and after a successful breakthrough, either pass or shoot to continue to threaten the opponent's gate, thus becoming a rare side killer in German football who combines top technology and speed.

毫无疑问,结果证明,赛恩是德国队赢得2014年世界杯足球赛后出现的最强大的新星。 Sane与传统的德国强力球员不同,并且近年来出现了新一代的明星,自从他出道以来,Sane就被认为是德国足球的“异类”,他结合了超强的身体素质和人类足球,Sane Nei总是可以在机翼上流血,在成功突破后,要么传球要么射门继续威胁对手的大门,因此成为德国足球中罕见的兼具顶尖技术和速度的杀手。

In 2015, with Draxler's departure from the team, the 19-year-old Sane gradually grew into the core of the miners' offense, and delivered an all-around performance of 8 goals and 6 assists. This season, Sane successfully completed his national team's debut, and then participated in the 2016 French European Cup with the German national team, and played as a substitute in the semi-finals against France. There is no doubt that the miners at this time can no longer keep this rising star.


In fact, many experts and the media suggested that Bayern sign Sane as the successor to "Roberg". However, at this time "Roberg" is still at the peak, and there is also a "Koko" combination as a stand-in. Bayern does not have the position and space of Sane, so the two sides did not come together in the summer of that year (of course , Sane’s high transfer fee is also a pain point for Bayern), and Sane eventually joined Guardiola’s Manchester City with a transfer fee of 50 million euros and broke the record for the transfer of German players.

实际上,许多专家和媒体都建议拜仁签下Sane作为“ Roberg”的继任者。但是,此时“ Roberg”仍处于顶峰,并且还有“ Koko”组合作为替身。拜仁没有Sane的位置和空间,因此双方在那年夏天并没有在一起(当然,Sane的高额转会费也是Bayern的痛点),而Sane最终于2005年加入了瓜迪奥拉的曼城5000万欧元的转会费,打破了德国球员转会纪录。

After joining Manchester City, Sane can be described as a fish in water in the tactics designed by Guardiola, as the left flank continues to create offensive threats, and gradually become an important choice for Manchester City on the offensive end. Coming to the 2017-18 season, Sane's sharp breakthrough characteristics are like the autumn wind sweeping leaves in Guardiola's passing tactics. 49 games have contributed 14 goals and 19 assists (10 goals and 15 assists data) He is one of only five “double-doubles” players in the Premier League this season). While helping Manchester City win the Premier League and the League Cup, he also won the honor of PFA Premier League’s best young player.

加入曼城后,桑迪在瓜迪奥拉设计的战术中可以说是一条鱼,因为左翼继续制造进攻威胁,并逐渐成为曼城进攻端的重要选择。即将到2017-18赛季,Sane的突破性特征就像瓜迪奥拉的传球战术中的秋风横扫。 49场比赛贡献了14个进球和19个助攻(10个进球和15个助攻数据)。他是本赛季英超联赛中仅有的五个“双打”球员之一。在帮助曼城赢得英超联赛和联赛杯冠军的同时,他还获得了PFA英超最佳年轻球员的荣誉。

This season, Sane participated in the production of 33 goals more than other German players in the five major leagues. The value in the German "transfer market" has jumped to 90 million euros and ranks first among German players! When the 2018 World Cup is approaching, many media will naturally include Sane in the German team's main lineup in their prospects, and betting companies have listed Sane as a hot candidate for the best rookie in the World Cup. It's just that the outside world is "hype" fiercely, but the head coach of the German team Loew disagrees. When determining the 23-man roster, he actually won the talented young player!


In this regard, Loew gave the reason that "lack of experience, the lineup needs to be balanced." According to another analysis, Sane did not bring high-level performance to the national team since he played for the national team-he can appear as an orange in the club in Huainan, but in the national team he becomes a trifle from Huaibei, such as playing for the German team. In the first 12 games, only contributed 1 assist and no goals. In addition, Loew originally planned to let him lead the team in the 2017 Confederations Cup as the core, but Sane gave up at the last moment on the grounds of nose surgery. In the final warm-up match before the World Cup, Sane’s performance was “out of the group”. Also criticized by many teammates...


The loss of the World Cup to Sane is self-evident, and it also drives Sane's momentum in the new season. Throughout the 2018-19 season, Sane once again contributed 16 goals and 17 assists in 49 games. However, as the season progressed, Sane found that his status and role in the team were diminishing. Especially after Mahrez joined, the team's darling Sterling turned to the left, which forced Sane to move closer to the bench, and many key battles had to sit on the bench. Such treatment allowed Sane to explicitly reject when Manchester City proposed a contract extension, and how could he not be tempted when Bayern's invitation came?


In fact, as far as Sane is concerned, there are too many good reasons to give up Manchester City’s contract extension and choose to return to the Bundesliga to join Bayern: From the perspective of the team’s status, it is different from Guardiola’s frankly "we have enough good frontcourts." Players, Jesus, Foden, and Sterling can all play on the left, so that players can play steadily for a long time." Although the competition within the Bayern team is equally fierce, it can definitely provide Sane with a core position. , Not to mention that the mysterious wave of injuries on this team never makes any players worry about playing.


Looking at the commercial value again, as the most well-known club in Germany, Bayern's international influence is no less than that of any Premier League team. As Bayern's "top card" player is obviously more conducive to Sane's promotion of his commercial brand, just like these two days Sane to Munich was completely focused under the spotlight. When looking back at the two rumors, it was rumored that Bayern had prepared the most prominent No. 10 uniform for Sane. Now this season is not over. Coutinho, who wears the No. 10 shirt, has not finished his loan, but Sane's new No. 10 uniform is already available in the mall. Who would believe this is just a coincidence?


What can't be ignored is Sane's most important national team positioning. Compared with the distant British stadium, the Bundesliga stadium is obviously more conducive to Sane to get the attention of the national team coach Love. The more important factor is that Sane has already had a close relationship with the German internationals in the Bayern team. Under Bayern’s “FC Germany” concept, this transfer not only promotes his full integration into the Bayern gang, but also with Kimmich and Gray. The daily cooperation of Tska, Gnabry and other teammates is more conducive for him to get rid of the label of "too alone" in the national team, and thus completely establish a new position as the core of the attack.

不可忽视的是Sane最重要的国家队位置。与遥远的英国体育场相比,德甲体育场显然更有利于Sane引起国家队教练Love的关注。更为重要的因素是,桑恩已经与拜仁队的德国国脚建立了密切的关系。在拜仁的“ FC德国”概念下,这一转职不仅促进了他与拜仁帮会的全面融合,而且还促进了他与金米奇和格雷的融合。 Tska,Gnabry和其他队友的日常合作更有利于他摆脱国家队的“过于孤独”的标签,从而完全确立了进攻核心的新位置。

It can be seen that these positive factors are not enjoyed by Sane staying in Manchester City. It is not difficult to understand why Sane was so proactive about joining Bayern. He not only publicly rejected Manchester City’s contract extension, but even ended the season suddenly. In cooperation with Beckham, the transfer business was transferred to Li'an Sports-this is the third-ranked brokerage company in the world football turnover list, and it is different from the super-big brokers such as Mendes and Raiola A company supported by people, the company has more than 10 top brokers, brokerage business in every corner of the five major leagues.


In the world of football, no club will "offend" such a brokerage company. Therefore, Li'an Sports is not only good at seeking better financial benefits for the agent, but also good at putting pressure on the club to seek a transfer of the agent. Obviously, the final transfer result proved that Sane’s choice was successful. Not only did he get the third highest salary in Bayern after Lewandre and Neuer, Manchester City also accepted Bayern’s relatively low offer. I chose to release people before it was over.


Looking back on the past, Bayern’s signing of new aid has always been directly official with a "benevolent" style of not saying much, but Sane's transfer has been a year since it was rumored to be realized, and it can be called the king of traffic in the transfer market. But now I look back on the past, from Sane’s refusal to renew the contract, to the help of the genius, to the transfer to the brokerage company, until the low price of Bayern... I have to say that although the transfer process is completely exposed, Bayern’s series The operation still adheres to the past concept, just like a textbook, so that Sane's joining is a matter of course!


When Sane officially signed with Bayern, the outside world was giving infinite blessings to this transfer, and it was inevitable that Sane would be worried about his state after a serious injury. After all, after the injury last summer, Sane only made one appearance on the bench for Manchester City this season. His recovery and whether his on-the-spot combat power can return to the peak level is undoubtedly a question mark. However, Bayern need not worry about this. After all, the person who is most familiar with Sane's physical condition this year has just retired at Bayern. In the past, the players he nodded and recognized have never been disappointing, or Mr. Wolfart would be called " What about "genius doctor"? !


According to the plan, Sane will take a break after signing the contract, instead of continuing to represent Manchester City in this season's events, and will officially play on behalf of Bayern until next season. Obviously, Bayern has high hopes for this "Roberg" successor, and regardless of the final result of this season, Bayern will open a new era next season!


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