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On October 16, Beijing time, the New Century Navigator officially announced that the team's veteran and "father-to-be" Meng Duo officially retired.


Meng Duo started his CBA career in 2006. He is known as the "Little Wade" in his explosive style. Meng Duo has played for the Dongguan team (the predecessor of the Shenzhen team), the Xinjiang team, the Guangdong team and the Shenzhen team. Basketball national team. In the battle against Shanxi in March 2009, Meng Duo scored a career-high 38 points; against Shanxi in December 2016, Meng Duo hit 10 three-pointers in a single game. In 2019, he won the championship with Guangdong and won the first CBA championship. Ring. In the 2019-20 season, Meng Duo, who returned to the Shenzhen team, played in 17 games, averaging 7.2 minutes per game and scoring 1.5 points.

孟铎(Meng Duo)于2006年开始他的CBA职业生涯。他以爆发力的风格被称为“小韦德”。孟铎曾效力于东莞队(深圳队的前身),新疆队,广东队和深圳队。篮球国家队。在2009年3月与山西的战斗中,孟铎获得了职业生涯最高的38分;在2016年12月对阵山西的比赛中,孟铎在一场比赛中打入10个三分球。 2019年,他与广东省一起获得冠军,并赢得了首届CBA冠军。环。在2019-20赛季,重返深圳队的孟铎参加了17场比赛,平均每场7.2分钟,得分1.5分。

During the 2020 off-season, Meng Duo completed his lifelong event and officially married his lover Liu Geting. I wish Meng Duo all the best in his future life!


The following is the official announcement of the Shenzhen Men's Basketball Team:


When 30-year-old Meng Duo personally announced his retirement, many people were surprised. "Actually, I have struggled for a long time. Many people have suggested that I play for another two years. I can continue to play physically. However, the physical injuries and strains in the past two years have been very serious, which makes me feel that I have more than enough energy. The tendons around the knee were severely strained and degenerated. Even when I returned to the court, I couldn’t exert 100% effort and enjoy the happiness that was brought to me on the court.” Speaking of the difficult decision to retire, Meng Duo said Such an answer.

当30岁的孟铎亲自宣布退休时,许多人感到惊讶。 “实际上,我已经挣扎了很长时间。很多人建议我再踢两年。我可以继续打身体。但是,过去两年来,身体上的伤害和拉伤非常严重,这使我感觉到我拥有足够的能量。膝盖周围的肌腱被严重拉伤和退化。即使当我回到球场时,我也无法百分百地努力,享受在球场上带给我的快乐。”谈到退休的艰难决定,孟铎说了这样的答案。

Injuries are cruel, but it is a fact that every athlete has to face. At the end of 2012, Meng Duo suffered a rupture of the ACL and underwent a long 10-month rehabilitation treatment. In order to return to the game as soon as possible for his sharp breakthrough, he began to work hard on the outside three-pointer. At the same time, in order to extend his career, he was living in his own diet. The requirements are extremely demanding. After the serious injury, he understood the importance of scientific and self-disciplined diet and training to professional athletes.

伤害是残酷的,但这是每个运动员都必须面对的事实。 2012年底,孟铎的ACL破裂,并接受了为期10个月的长期康复治疗。为了尽快回到比赛中以实现他的突飞猛进,他开始努力在外围三分球上奋斗。同时,为了延长职业生涯,他过着自己的饮食生活。要求非常苛刻。严重受伤后,他了解科学,自律的饮食和训练对专业运动员的重要性。

If eight years ago, Meng Duo had only basketball in his eyes and used 100% physical and mental to fight injuries, then eight years later, he has an extra responsibility for being a man. This summer of 2020, Meng Duo and his girlfriend Liu Geting (former Guangdong Women’s Basketball player and member of the 2019-2020 season championship) made a promise to love each other for a lifetime. The moment he walked into the marriage hall, he had more family members. care.

如果八年前,孟铎眼中只有篮球,并用100%的身体和精神来对抗伤病,那么八年后,他对男子身份负有额外责任。 2020年夏天,孟铎和他的女友刘Geting(前广东女篮球员,2019-2020赛季冠军成员)许下了彼此相爱一生的承诺。他走进婚姻大厅的那一刻,他有了更多的家庭成员。关心。

No one can succeed casually. If you want to stand out on the road of basketball, you need to make corresponding efforts and give up a lot. "I think most of our dads in this profession cannot accompany their children to grow up because the league cycle is very long and there are many matches to play." Meng Duo, who is already a prospective father, does not want to miss the growth of his child.

没有人能随随便便成功。如果您想在篮球运动中脱颖而出,则需要做出相应的努力并放弃很多。 “我认为我们这个行业的大多数父亲不能陪伴他们的孩子长大,因为联赛周期很长,而且比赛很多。”孟铎已经是准父亲,他不想错过孩子的成长。

2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. In such a special year, Meng Duo chose to end his CBA career. He joined the New Century Basketball Club in 2005 and was promoted to the first team in the fastest 4 months in team history. From 2006 to 2020, he started playing in the CBA league. Meng Duo spent most of his career in the new century. He represented the team in 285 games. As the captain, he and the team experienced high-light moments, and he also played in the trough. He dedicated his best years to the team.


Sharp breakthrough, big heart, precise jumper and excellent organization ability on the court, "Little Wade", etc. are all comments on Meng Duo from the outside world. Speaking of the most memorable moment of his career, Meng Duo said: "There are too many memories. In the 2008-2009 season, we were the top four in the single foreign aid. In that season, I scored a career-high 38 points in the match against Shanxi. In the 2010-2011 season, the team won the best third place in history. In the 2016-17 season, Shanxi scored 9 three-pointers in the first half, and Keshang reversed Shanghai in the away game. Too many wonderful games make me hard to recall. "


Meng Duo was also a national player. In 2011, Meng Duo was selected for the national team and the Olympic team. In May 2017, Meng Duo was selected for the restructured Chinese Men's Basketball Red Team and served as the captain of the national team. "Success and failure time and time again, never giving up your love of basketball and confidence in yourself, every bit determines the next stage of your life. After all, I believe that the reward is proportional to the effort. Summer training, league, all In the playoffs of the National Games preliminaries, I completed my goals one by one. I was back in the wrong national team for five years. The honor of playing for the motherland burned again. The next goal is calling me, I am Coming!" Wrote on the blog.

孟铎也是一名国家球员。 2011年,孟铎入选国家队和奥林匹克队。 2017年5月,孟铎入选重组后的中国男篮红队,并担任国家队队长。 “成功与失败一次又一次,永远不会放弃对篮球的热爱和对自己的信心,每一点都决定着人生的下一个阶段。毕竟,我相信回报与努力成正比。夏季训练,联赛,在全运会预选赛的季后赛中,我一个一个地完成了自己的目标,回到了错误的国家队已经五年了,为祖国效力的荣誉再次被烧毁了,下一个目标是呼唤我,我即将来临!”写在博客上。

If judged by excellent, good, and medium, then Meng Duo’s career can already be described as excellent. He was the captain of the team, was selected as the starter of the All-Star Southern Division, was selected for the national team, and won the championship (during the transfer to Guangdong Hongyuan) ). If you want to say regret: "One is that he didn't win a championship for the new century, and the other is that his children did not see his father playing on the court, but." But this is life, imperfection may be more memorable.


Fourteen years of CBA career, talking about the New Century Men’s Basketball Team, which has been playing for many years, Meng Duo said: “Thank you for the club’s training and dedication to me. I have always maintained an attitude of not forgetting my original intentions in basketball. , The future will be the same.” And again and again falling and then climbing up, can not do without the support of the fans behind him. "I am very grateful for their support and love all the way. They are always there to cheer for me. Although I can't see me playing on the basketball court, I will often appear in front of everyone if I change my identity. of."

孟铎说:“感谢CBA职业生涯14年的新世纪男子篮球队,这支球队已经踢了很多年了:感谢您对俱乐部的训练和奉献。我一直保持着不忘记篮球初衷的态度。 ,未来将会一样。”一遍又一遍地跌落然后爬上,离不开他身后的球迷的支持。 “我一直很感谢他们的支持和爱。他们一直在为我加油。尽管我看不到我在篮球场上打球,但是如果我改变身份,我经常会出现在所有人面前。的。”

Today, Meng Duo wants to bid farewell to his status as a professional player and start a new stage in his life, with infinite possibilities in the future. Speaking of future plans, Meng Duo said: “I still cannot do without basketball. I am now serving as a team leader in the club. I want to learn more about new things, such as player development, national selection of young seedlings, club public welfare activities, Is more interested in the promotion and operation of brand culture."


Thanks to Meng Duo's unreserved dedication to the New Century Basketball Club over the years, the banquet eventually broke up, Meng Duo's playing career is over, but the next chapter of his career has just begun. I wish him all the best in the future!


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